Valentine's Day Scorpion Solitaire

Watch out! Solitaire Valentine's Scorpion Solitaire has been scorned this year and is out to sting!! Show that Scorpion Solitaire how to love again by beating this fun and festive Valentine's Day themed game.

Just like Spider Solitaire, stack cards by suit in descending order King through Ace to eliminate them from the board. Eliminate all the cards and you win. Only Kings can be placed into open spots on the board, which makes the game much more difficult. Be sure to use the undo button or the stock cards in the bottom corner to help you when you're stuck!

For a little loving challenge be sure to come back time and again to Solitaire's Valentine's Day Scorpion Solitaire!

Valentine's Day Scorpion Solitaire Strategy

  • The cards in either the tableau or the right side may be stacked in descending order.
  • Don't worry about stacking the cards by suit.
  • Remove all cards from the tableau to beat this card game.


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